Head of Academy: Nicky Butt
Head of Operations: Nick Cox
Head of Global Scouting: Marcel Bout
Chief Scout: Jim Lawlor
Head of Academy Recruitment: David Harrison
Head of Youth Development: John Murtagh
U23 Manager: Ricky Sbragia
U18 Manager: Kieran McKenna
U16 Manager: Neil Ryan

Head of Academy Recruitment: David Harrison
Assistant Head of Academy Recruitment: Lyndon Tomlinson
Head of Global Scouting: Marcel Bout
Head of European Scouting: Henny de Regt
Chief Scout: Jim Lawlor
Player Recruitment/Talent ID Staff: Tom Critchley, Mark Anderson, Mark Barlow, Mohammed Lone


Please be aware that this list is not complete and there are many gaps. When these gaps can be filled with new knowledge, they will be. For clarification, Manchester United scout across the world but information on European scouts is easier to come by. If you have any information, head to our contact page to get in touch.


England: Ronnie Cusick (North-West), Mark Anderson (South) | Stacy Burnett (Staffordshire/Cheshire), Martin Coyne (Manchester), Stephen McCarthy (Scotland and UK), Nicolas Cinalli (London), Con Watson (London).

Austria: Armand Benneker
Belgium: Roland Janssen, Johnny Peeters
Central/Eastern Europe: Bernard Schuiteman (Austria area), Piotr Radowski
Europe: Henny de Regt, Dougie George
France: Mathieu Seckinger, David Friio, Mathieu Louis-Jean
Germany: Peter Braund
Netherlands: Roy Beukenkamp, (Academy: Rene Moonen)
Portugal: Joao Ferreira, (Academy: Vasco Noronha)
Scandinavia: Tommy Moller Nielsen, Mathias Haugaasen
Spain: Gerardo Guzman
Switzerland: Thomas Bormann

The Americas

United States of America: Jorge Alvial, Mark Prizant (New York area)
Argentina: Juan Mauricio Echeverria, Martin Pablo Paredes, Luciano Canepa, Pablo Budna, José Mayorga
Brazil: Sandro Orlandelli, John Calvert-Toulmin, (Academy: Sergio De Souza)
Colombia: Juan Mauricio Echeverria, Giuseppe Antonaccio
Uruguay: Luciano Canepa

Asia & Oceania

Japan: Kei Tamura


Senegal: Omar Sciolla