Man United 1-1 Coritiba

Scorer(s): [Matt Olosunde – Léo]

Man Utd XI: Richardson; Kehinde, Poole (C), Warren, Tanner; Hamilton, Whelan (Dearnley); Olosunde, Gribbin, Barlow (Kenyon); Burkart (Bohui).
Coritiba XI: Bertinato; Vincius, Da Silva, Silva, Romeu, Léo, Machado, Batista, Yuri, Matheus, Henrique.

Man United were knocked out of the Dallas Cup (Gordon Jago Super Group) at the group stages after failing to grab a second-half winner against Brazilian side Coritiba.

Tommy Martin’s Reds needed a win to top Group A and move into the quarter-finals, having been beaten 4-1 by Chivas in the opening game and then winning 3-1 against Real Salt Lake.


Ethan Hamilton successful diving tackle vs Chivas Dallas Cup Billy Johnston.jpg
Ethan Hamilton tackling on Wednesday evening in Dallas | Photo: Billy Johnston


United were rushed in their approach to grabbing the necessary winner throughout the second half, often too much so.

Coritiba had a technically gifted side, as expected from Brazilian players, but were also energetic and efficient. Impressive, overall. They did, however, create a late fight between both sides which resulted in Regan Poole and Léo being sent off.

Léo had given Coritiba the lead after 17 minutes, though United didn’t crumble then, looking, instead, just as threatening as early on, when a Callum Gribbin free-kick tested Bertinato. Gribbin’s set pieces were excellent throughout the game.

Matt Olosunde scored his second goal of the Dallas Cup, making him United’s top goalscorer in Texas. Ethan Hamilton’s shot rebounded off the post and the goalkeeper and Olosunde met the spinning ball at the left post to head downwards across the line.


Theo Richardson GK Vs Chivas Dallas Cuo 2017 Billy Johnston.jpg
Theo Richardson | Photo: Billy Johnston


Coritiba were much more relaxed than United, particularly so in the second half. Tosin Kehinde had a good chance after finding himself in the box but skied over the crossbar after a wonderful threaded pass from Callum Whelan.

Goalscorer Olosunde both gave the ball away in line with the penalty area and saved United with an excellent clearing header from a long ball while Nishan Burkart had a stinging long-range effort tipped onto the post before being subbed for Josh Bohui.


United, though, fell into Coritiba’s gameplan as they looked to rile and frustrate the opposition.


Tosin Kehinde vs Chivas Dallas Cup Billy Johnston.jpg
Tosin Kehinde in action | Photo: Billy Johnston


The height of such action arrived in the final few minutes of normal time and stretched into added time. Coritiba had a goal correctly disallowed for handball. Their protests were beyonfarcicalal, approaching both the linesman and referee.

Regan Poole and other United players took opposition to their pleas against the decision. United were silly to involve themselves, naïve. Captain Poole was sent off after a heated exchange with the referee, as was Léo.