Chivas 4-1 Manchester United

Scorer(s): Edson Torres ’11, ’17, Alejandro Zendejas ’47, Oscar Macias ’52 – Jake Kenyon ’55

Chivas XI: Rangel; Beltran (C), Gonzalez, Gutierrez, Macias, Ramirez Ibarra, Salas, Salazar, Sepulveda, Torres, Zendejas.
Man Utd XI: Richardson; Olosunde (Tanner), O’Connor (Dearnley), Warren, Kenyon, Poole (C), Kehinde, Whelan, Hamilton (Sang), Gribbin (Barlow), Bohui (Burkart).

Tommy Martin’s under-19 side lacked fluency in their opening game of the Dallas Cup, with jetlag and the Texan heat clearly affecting the players as they were well-beaten by an impressive Chivas side.

While the 4-1 defeat was both a poor result and a poor performance, this United side played in front of a crowd at the Cotton Bowl of almost 20,000, a fantastic experience for the 16 players who got on the pitch.

Despite controlling possession in the opening stages of the game, signs of wastefulness were obvious. United took until the half-hour mark to really settle into the new surroundings, an expected scenario given the youthfulness of the squad, the majority of whom have never played in the United States before, some of whom have never visited the country.

However, by the time United had settled somewhat, their inexperience had seen them concede two poor goals to Edson Torres. With energy and purpose, Chivas pressed well, perhaps the fact they are in the same time zone as in Mexico aiding their energy. After 11 minutes, Chivas broke forward. Tyrell Warren covered for Matthew Olosunde who was out of position but went diving in to try and stop the attack early.

Instead, he left a huge amount of space in the penalty area which Chivas broke into and Torres finished past Theo Richardson with a deflected shot.

Regan Poole at Dallas Cup captain.jpg

Just six minutes later, Chivas had a second, dominating the game now. Only Ethan Hamilton, Lee O’Connor (United’s youngest squad member) and Callum Gribbin managed to hold onto the ball for a significant amount of time, those three providing a calming influence on a clearly nervous United side.

Gribbin combined well with Jake Kenyon on the left-flank, beginning a one-two, collecting the ball on the left of the penalty area. His shot, though, was blocked.

Kenyon himself came closest for United in the first half, with a long-range chip headed clear by a duo of Chivas defenders after goalkeeper Rangel had charged off his goalline to stop Josh Bohui from progressing.

United did settle somewhat in the final stages of the first half. Gribbin combined well with Jake Kenyon on the left-flank for the one-two, breaking into the area but his shot was blocked.

Chivas’ speed showed from that as the counter-attacked. United couldn’t cope, but the Chivas shot slammed off the crossbar.

Utd at Dallas Cup 2.jpg

Just a minute after the restart, Alejandro Zendejas headed in at the far post, unmarked from a corner. Defensive errors were the root of United’s problems.

Again, it was just a six-minute gap before Chivas extended their lead, with Oscar Macias finishing past Richardson to finish the game off.

Kenyon grabbed a consolation goal for the Reds, finishing off from close range after a good cross from Josh Bohui.

United will face Real Salt Lake on Monday night, with kick-off set for 10PM UK time, though there are storms in Dallas currently, so that could be delayed or postponed.