Callum Gribbin revealed a UEFA Youth League game against Wolfsburg in 2015 was a turning point for him. At the time, Nicky Butt described it as a “light-bulb” moment for Gribbin.

“People came up to me after the game and said I’d worked hard, I was really pleased as it showed people can trust me,” Gribbin said.

“So I think that match set me up for the season and going forward as I had to do that other side. Everyone was buzzing with me afterwards but, when it’s coming from Nicky Butt, it means even more.”

Gribbin also hailed the influence of Nicky Butt, currently interim under-23s manager and Head of Academy.

“I think he’s a great person,” he said. “I didn’t think he’d be like he is with us but it’s an amazing experience working under him, considering his background and what he has done in the game.

“He is honest and tells you when you are doing well and doing badly too. I mean it’s not all nice and if he doesn’t tell you what you’re doing wrong, you are never going to learn as that is what it’s all about.”